Monday, September 27, 2010

A not so festive applefest.

As I had posted a few days ago that I was going to my hometowns apple fest. And I did go. But it was no where near any fun.

Yes for awhile there I had a little fun. I took my little puppy with me for a short while too.

In the morning I had breakfast with my parents. Pancakes, slice of ham, applesauce (yum). All hosted by our Kiwanis Club. Then I walked around the craft fair with my mom (fun). But mom got tired and I took her home with my puppy.

I went back out in search for something good. No such luck. It started to down pour (boo). So after I could take it no longer I went and picked up my Pumba and headed home.

O well maybe next year will be more fun.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah the apple fests this year everywhere kinds sucked. The one by me had no apples. lol. go figure?!?!