Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Class is back in session

I feel productive again (YAY me!). My classes have started for the fall quarter!

They started yesterday and I couldn't of been more excited.

I got to the school ready for my first class, Intro to Philosophy. I walk through the doors and see a couple of cops standing around down the hall. Its really not that unusual to see cops just hanging around the campus. There is campus security but if you knew the neighborhood where my college is located then you would understand. (Gangs, drugs, violence, ect.)

Except come to realize that the room that was on my class sheet didn't have the right room on it. I guess they had changed it online but neglected to inform me about it. So I embarrassed myself and was late to my first class.

But after settling in my seat and no longer feeling bad about being late considering a couple other people were late, I realized that I think I'm going to like this class. It helped my judgment that she let us out an hour early.

So I played around on the internet waiting for my next class to start, Creative Writing.

There arn't many people in my second class but I guess that's ok with me (less of a distraction). The teacher is nice and he makes some high goals for his students but I think I can do it. Not to mention he let us out early too (YAY!).

I'm actually a little excited about this quarter and being able to have something to do during the day.

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