Wednesday, October 24, 2012

To party or no?

So this past weekend my mother and I held our first and probably our last Lia Sophia party. Of course we did it for the discount/free jewelry.

We had a decent number of people show up which helped us out but they were mostly there on my mothers guest list.

I only had a few from my guest list show up. A friend, my roommate (who I made come), and my older sister (who I also made come). None of them bought anything, which I should have known since none of them really have the money to. I don't blame them for not buying anything, moneys tight.
I just figured I had more people I could count on to come and support me.

O well guess Ive learned not to throw a party unless you have people RSVP ahead of time so I can be for sure people will come.

Sorry this has turned into a bitch fest but I have to complain about my life some where. And if you don't like it I guess you don't have to read it.


  1. Did you try to call anyone on your guest list to ask them to come? Did you send out anything in the mail? Maybe even a text would have been nice.

    1. Nope just sent out some brain waves and hoped people would get it and just come. Yes of course I sent invites in the mail and even posted on facebook.